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Pest Control Service Eliminates Common Pests from Lawns in DeLand, FL

Most homeowners in DeLand, FL take pride in maintaining their immaculate lawns to ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance that also serves to enhance curb appeal. However, our warm weather does attract a variety of lawn pests year-round. Since insects and other pests can survive the winter in DeLand, most lawns in Central Florida are battlegrounds, where the grass fights against common pests for food and space. As experts in both lawn care and pest control, we at Scarano Lawn Care are your best line of defense in eliminating and preventing pests from destroying your beautiful lawn. 

Chinch bugs are a common problem for many DeLand, FL homeowners who need pest control for their lawns. These insects are particularly damaging to St. Augustine grass. They tend to congregate in areas of the lawn that get plenty of sun, but receive little moisture like the concrete edges, for instance. The yellowing, browning and patches of dead spots in the grass is indicative of cinch bugs sucking the juices from the grass. Affected patches usually tend to get larger as these lawn pests prefer to spread around in groups. Given that identifying chinch bugs can be difficult, you will need the help of a professional lawn pest control service serving DeLand, FL to eradicate them from your property.

Southern mole crickets are unsightly insects that although prefer to feed on Bermuda and Bahia grasses, will not pass up damaging any type of grass they can sink their teeth into. They tunnel underneath the grass to eat the roots which kills the grass. Moreover, their tunneling below the surface of the soil pushes small mounds of dirt; an activity that reduces turf density and creates patches of bare soil. Because they are nocturnal insects, and spend most of their lives below the soil surface, the only sign of their infestation is the drying out of the grass above the ground. Since these insects are so common, evasive and difficult to eliminate, a certified lawn pest control service that serves the DeLand, FL community is the best way to save your lawn.

Without effective pest control measures and professional lawn care, pests can cause extensive destruction to your grass giving your property an unsightly appearance. To eliminate and prevent pests from destroying your lawn or to bring your grass back to life, contact us at 386-232-6089 or visit us online to schedule lawn pest contr
ol service in DeLand, FL today!